An overview of her history and a note from the Author

Diana DeLugan is an author, historian, and singer who lives in Arizona. Diana graduated from San Diego State University in California where she earned a degree in English, magna cum laude with distinction in her major. She also holds a juris doctorate degree from California Western School of Law.

Diana is the Otero Family Historian and Administrator of the Otero Family History Project at, an Arizona history project that compiled a three-volume archive permanently housed at the Tubac Presidio State Park & Museum in Tubac and at the Pimeria Alta Historical Society in Nogales, Arizona. She conducts genealogy workshops related to basic genealogy queries, Arizona genealogy, and Mexican-American genealogy; and gives presentations on Otero family history.

Her book “Arizona Genealogy Free Resources Sourcesbook” reached #1 bestseller ranking on Amazon in the genealogy and southwest history categories. The Oteros of Tubac, a true story illustrated with copies of actual land documents tracing Arizona’s first Spanish land grant, is scheduled for release in the fall of 2015. Haunted Otero is a series of short stories about paranormal experiences that Tubac Golf Resort & Spa (TGRS) staff and guest have reported. The stories recounted in this book were discovered purely by coincidence during genealogy related visit to the TGRS resort.

From Diana

“Let me share a little about myself. Just a few words.” Diana DeLugan

“My mother and I were very close. When she was in her 70s she said she didn’t think she would live to reach her 80s, so she asked me to research her family history. She said she had to know the truth before she died. Throughout her life she wondered about her family history because after her father died,  she was raised by her grandmother. Oral history was her only inheritance. After extensive research I was able to discover answers to the main questions my mother had about her family history. In the process, she inspired in me a passion for genealogy.”

“I was the baby girl in the family and the apple of my father’s eye. He was a musician native of Veracruz, Mexico. I deeply admired his talent. He was a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, passionate, and had an amazing voice. I wanted to be like him when I was a little girl, and before he died we performed together for many years. I treasure those memories. Today, music is my release from the daily challenges of life. I am blessed to work with the incredibly talented musician of Diana & the Rhythm Express Latin Variety Band (Robert Castro, Robert Miller, Johnny Montoya, John Mosley, and Rick Solis).”

“My father passed away in 1997 and my mother in 2013. Today I am happily married with three children, eight grandchildren, am expecting my first great grandchild, and enjoy my two spoiled rabbits during my breaks from research and writing. My fondest wish in life is that my family can learn about their ancestors and grow to appreciate their rich  Mexican and U.S. cultural history. In the process, I hope to help other individuals as they search for their ancestral roots.”

“I work hard to continually improve my writing skills. But it is my research skills that I am most proud of. Uncovering family history is thrilling. Every document, every image can add a twist and unexpected turn in the research journey. It warms my heart each time I learn that someone connected to his or her ancestral history because of a lead or resource I shared with them.”

“Thank you for your support, interest in my work, and your kind words. You can reach me at Because I am deeply involved in research for this site and for my next book, and often away from the computer, please allow up to 72 for a response to your email inquiry. Best wishes to you and your familia! ~ Diana”